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Your Sunday Brunch

Every day, thousands of litres of water are used in  commercial kitchens across our city. Going out for a coffee or a meal are a common enjoyment shared by all. Have you ever stopped to consider where the water used to wash your cup and plate goes after it disappears down the drain?

ORGRO re-uses water just like this!

Your Green Waste

Every week gardeners, landscapers, builders and developers load up their trailers and trucks and head to the local dump to offload tons of green waste. What happens to those huge piles of clippings, branches and limbs?

ORGRO re-purposes green waste after it has been ground to a chunky mulch through the process of composting!

Nutrient Rich Organic
Landscaping Products

Our Story

Current owners Ken & Roz Skerman purchased the business from its’ founder in 2018, however ORGRO has been proudly manufacturing organic landscaping products for the Toowoomba region since 1997. Long before composting became “fashionable’, ORGRO was addressing the need to be water-wise and resourceful with materials mostly regarded as ‘waste’.

Orgro uses a controlled biological process in which organic materials are decomposed (broken down) by micro-organisms. In aerobic thermophilic composting, the micro-organisms require oxygen and moisture to transform the organic materials into a valuable product. A by-product of their activity is heat, which is necessary for killing unwanted organisms such as pathogens, weeds and seeds.

At the end of this process (approximately 12-14 weeks) this fully mature compost is ready to be blended with various other locally sourced materials like crusher dust and coal ash etc, then offered for sale as WHOLESALE PRODUCTS to local nurseries and landscapers.

NB: Orgro does not trade to retail customers – however the home gardener is strongly encouraged to ask for Orgro products at their favourite local nursery.

Our Products

Orgro is a manufacturer and does not supply direct to the public. Our products include:

  • Organic soil
  • Garden soil
  • Under Turf
  • Lawn top dressing
  • Compost
  • Black Gold
  • Mulch supplies
  • Pebbles
  • Sand
  • Loam
  • Manure
  • Potting Mix
  • Aggregate Supplies
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Thallon Red Pebble
  • Limestone Marble
  • Sandstone Pebbles

Organic Soil Blend

A lighter weight soil blend with a high organic matter content manufactured from scrub soil, sandstone crusher dust, compost, and peanut shell.

Application: As a general-purpose garden soil, an amendment to existing gardens or for use in raised planting areas or large landscape containers.

Garden Soil Blend

A general-purpose soil mix of red soil, sandstone crusher dust and compost.

Application: In general landscape construction where a heavier soil is required than Organic Soil Blend, or in applicationswhere peanut shell is to be avoided.

Range Red

Description: A blend of clean red soil blended with composted “overs”

Application: A general purpose blend suitable for landscape construction.

Lawn Top Dressing

Description: A rich blend of fine washed sand (<2mm), aged feedlot manure, and dark loam/scrub soil which will not set hard but still has a very high water infiltration rate.

Application: Top dressing of actively growing lawns to a thickness of 2 – 5 mm.

Under Turf

Description: A courser version of lawn top dressing. This mix, comprising of sandstone crusher dust, dark loam/scrubs soil, compost and coal ash is well drained and will not compact while still having a high moisture holding capacity.

Application: Under lawns between 50-100mm thick.

Potting Mix

Description: A blend of sandstone crusher dust, composted barks, coal ash and nutrients. (Manufactured to AS 3743 guidelines) Application: For the culture of a wide range of plants in containers, this blend contains sufficient nutrients to sustain good plant growth for at least one month (begin to use a balanced fertilizer at the end of this period).

Pasteurised Forest Mulch

Description: Chipped tree loppers green organics subjected to a minimum of three turns with three consecutive days between each turn with the internal temperature reaching a minimum of 55°C. This process will significantly reduce the number of plant and animal pathogens and plant propagules.

Application: As a mulch 50-100mm thick. It should have at least 70% (by mass) of its particles with a maximum size of greater than 16mm


Soils are manufactured in accordance with the guidelines stipulated in:

  • AS4419 –(2003) “Soils for Landscaping and Garden Use”
  • AS4454 – (2003) “Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches”
  • AS3743 – “Potting Mixes”


Australian Standard test results are available if required.


WARNING: All mixtures are made from natural materials which contains a variety of living micro-organisms. Such organisms may, in rare instances, cause respiratory or other infections. Inhalation of the products should be avoided, and we recommend always wash your hands after working in the garden.


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Stockists Delivery Request Form

Stockists can request delivery of product by completing the Order Form that can be found here and returning it to us by email.

Product Specifications

What Waste We Can Use

Orgro holds a composting licence from the Department of Environment and Science and can accept both trackable and non-trackable waste for processing.

Our manufacturing facility holds a composting licence and utilises heavy machinery in the manufacture of our products. It is also co-located with a concrete recycling facility. Therefore deliveries to our facility are governed by our Site Access Rules to ensure a safe operating environment. All delivery drivers must report to the Orgro office to undergo a Site Induction before accessing the site.

To assist with deliveries a Site Map can be found here. A weighbridge facility is available on site, at customer’s expense.

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